Movie Maker Tools

Movie Maker is a software for video editing that will allow you to edit your videos and photos into a presentation that will captivate you in a very easy way Movie Maker will highlight this great event that you have captured in photos or video, Movie Maker will awaken your skills as a great edit film.

Movie Maker at the hands of graphics acceleration that has Windows 7, 8, 10 revolutionize video editing, bringing many improvements to the Edition.

In this article I will discuss improvements in tools that Movie Maker brings.

Video stabilizer,

is often the case that the video is captured with any mobile device or low-quality video cameras, is where Movie Maker to adjust the stability of an automatic and very professional manner, all you have to do is select the video, then you have to choose from a multitude of options to stabilize video, Movie Maker will do the magic stabilizing videos.

An important point this improvement of stability can be made in the operating system Windows 8 onwards.

Music ,

sound effects give life to the great film ideas, Movie Maker is not far behind, if you want to show off your video on social networks as on Youtube, this is very demanding when it comes to music protected by copyright and they are censored, Movie Maker thought in this very important aspect is where implements AudioMicro, Vimeo Music Store services , Free Music Archive, which will be a great help when looking for music for your video project, now you know that at the time of import not only music you can do from your Pc but of three different services that provide music with the correct copyright.

You want to give a more professional touch to your effects of sound or simply to control the levels of volume, Movie Maker Windows 7, 8, 10 allow you to visualize the spectrum or wavelength of sound added to your video project, making adjustments and improvements to what was concerning music.

Another great tool that brings Movie Maker is to Add a microphone recording track, this allows you to narrate the video, if you want to add your narration to your video project all you must do is “select video with narration” Movie Maker to capture audio and will include it in the track, if you want to record voice from your computer You can do it, it is amazing how Movie Maker brings these improvements.

With the ability to add multiple tracks of audio in your video, a problem may be at the time of play giving interference of bad taste for the listener, Movie Maker brings an option that will emphasize your audio into a single audio clip.

Movie Maker is undoubtedly brilliant, now you can make videos in a very easy way but with finished professionals.

Text effects,

most popular when creating a video is adding texts, highlighting some lines, font, text, font color edges. Movie Maker is perfect video editor when it comes to giving effect to the texts.

It H.264,

another important aspect for a video is the final format, Movie Maker implements H.264 that comes by default at the time of export videos, facilitating their administration in devices and sites for sharing videos.

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