How to download Movie Maker?

The Movie Maker was the Publisher of videos of Windows which was improved in its latest version, to make it more functional and practical, you can use reliably since it had no major flaws and has all the necessary basic functions.

In January of 2017 Microsoft withdrew support for the programme Live Essentials and suspended discharge.

If the computer equipment has a new or reinstalled operating system, there is the option of Windows Movie Maker download it officially, the latest updates are uninstalled it.

Download Movie Maker , it is necessary to have a team with characteristics that are detailed below.

System specifications:

The system requires the following settings to Download Movie Maker :

  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 600 MHz processor (Intel Pentium III, Advance Micro Device AMD, Athlon or substitute).
  • 2 GB free disk space
  • Device to capture videos
  • DV or capture device analog video (for videos from external source)

If you want to optimize the use of the program it is necessary to have:

  • Processor 1.5 GHz
  • 256 MB RAM

For projection or playback of the movie you need: Continue reading…


Movie Maker and how it works.

Movie Maker and its operation.

Movie Maker Windows 7 Logo

If you want to create, edit and share your montages own video or other media files, since you have the possibility to use Movie Maker, a publisher of great simplicity that provides excellent capability to manage each of the characteristics of the Assembly, leaving a result as you’ve always wanted.

Each of its components, will be adding opportunities to improve the Assembly according to the image, as well as the multiple effects available showing the version of this editor, available.

Either if you want to speed up, slow down or make any modifications to any video, you can do so from now from the Publisher Media Movie Maker, a tool that will make it appear as a video made from scratch with a pencil.

Effects of rotation and change in the images, are one of the options that you have to apply on the basis of this editor, as well as the backgrounds of other styles in the sharpness of the image of the videos, for example in sepia, being a transcendental effect , magnifying the sensational effect, making that you interlock with the video content , for example old arguments in color above to elucidate a degree of aging, optimal for that video.

An application with elements to take advantage of.

Each of the Tools of Movie Maker, allows that you go applying a great Edition to all aspects of the audio, as well as many multimedia aspects that envision the quality of the entire file, respectively. Apart from this, you can share all videos arranged in the various social networks, fully exposing the excellent results.

There are multiple effects you have with this editor to take the advantage, keeping each modification available, in order to make the content, a video perfect or at your other options, an audio or a redefined image, just what you want.

For his part, with Movie Maker, you can go capturing videos, as well as to go cutting special parts of it, if you want to, incorporating many interesting modes that make this program a great strategy to highlight the same in all their minutes.

The interesting options of the program, will allow you to amoldes videos or just the audio, sound to your liking, and specify what you want to hear it in large quantity, what you want to ignore and what like to decrease your hearing, all these alternatives, in a single application to use from any platform.

The best of Movie Maker , without a doubt, is its simplicity, as each of the practical elements offered by this application, you can take them out with great simplicity and under a really easy way to. Not necessary to be an expert, to implement each of the functions in the media files that you want to.

A great list of effects, transitions, and music will be in the meantime, some of the elements that you can apply to your favorite videos from this program, a program that to have it on your computer, and will be part of your favorites when it comes to modify some multimedia.

So, Movie Maker will do that you get the best results in the videos modified with stunning finishes, all with the simple fact to invest a few minutes to watch each of the effects, in a simple, fast and without greater expertise in this regard.

The effects for editing videos are listed in approximately 60 effects and let a real sense in the transition, as well as the complete modification of all the way that promote the multimedia, regardless of the length that has.

Apart from seeing it, you want to join scenes, cut or move them, you can do everything from this program that seeks to maintain it as an invention for the videos you want to modify and from all perspectives.

Movie Maker Windows 7

What are the recognized advantages of Movie Maker?

In principle, is a program that knows to share all kinds of pictures and videos with an excellent quality, how to play them on many platforms, and even on mobile devices with the same quality as if it would be on a computer.

Also, it is an outstanding program since you stop importing any type of video, taken from your camera or your mobile phone so you can include it in movie mode or in slide shows.

With constant editing of the videos on Movie Maker, you have the option to add transitions, as well as effects that make the videos, fascinating multimedia letting a professional finish from many points of view.

And, in case outside little, offers you the perfect choice to share videos that you’ve edited with the program in all social networks, even send them by e-mail, downloading the plugins needed to view the videos recorded and edited by yourself with all its quality.


Movie Maker Features and Tools

The Movie Maker editing program is not only a quality alternative for editing all kinds of videos, images and audios, but also represents an excellent option to carry out all its effects , functions and ways of incorporating greater clarity And satisfaction to the multimedia archive.

Highlights in Movie Maker

  • Transitions of video , so that you can place the scenes in the order you want, editing it in all aspects. Likewise, you can do it with the images in seguidilla, thus it will appear that it is a video when in reality it is only a sequence of images that pass quickly by the viewfinder.
  • Effects for video, with more than 60 effects available to apply to the videos you’ve been editing. From the effects of flash, to the modifications in the style of the images like sepia, black and white and much more, are among many, some of the effects that you will see and that you will be able to apply in a matter of seconds in all your visual files.
  • Import videos, images and audios, having the availability to add them as you see fit and you can create the multimedia files as you want, either with a single type, ie only video or combine the outcomes of the videos with the images And audios within it. A fantastic option to not fail to perceive it for yourself.
  • Creation of titles or credits, this represents a splendid addition when it comes to creating a very important presentation and easy visualization for everyone. The completion of videos that end in credits, contributes the good taste that you have at the time of editing any presentation, leaving you to excel from all its points.
  • Organize images, to make matters worse, Movie Maker represents a Microsoft editor who has the complement of organizing all the images you want in a timeline, serving to appear in the order you have preferred and in the seconds that You have covered in the time template.

According to the versions of Movie Maker , you will know which one is better and which works better in your computer.However, the latest version of this editor is Windows Live Movie Maker, a completely modified version to the layout of all the features mentioned, as well as enhanced effects for perfection in videos and images.

What tools can you have in Movie Maker?

The tools of the Movie Maker editor are key to the complete operation of this special program and has been divided into three indispensable parts, panels, time scale, storyboard and preview monitor. Find out now what each one is dealing with.

  • Panels : In the task pane region you will see the common activities you are doing with the editor, including importing files, as well as editing and publishing.

    On the other hand, there is the collection panel , which is where the collection folders, folders containing clips are displayed and left on this area, while the clips in the collections folder is located to the right of the Panel of contents.

  • Scenes and Time Scale : In this section is the storyboard, which is a predetermined and specific view of Movie Maker. This can be used to visualize the sequence of the clips of the video to be edited or, if you want, to reorganize them to your liking and to apply the changes that you want in that order. In this sequence or script, you can also see the video effects applied by you during editing.

    The time scale, provides all the broad details of the film or sequence of images you have incorporated at that time, allowing you to adopt the most accurate editions.

    Use the time scale view to adjust the duration of each image, as well as to include the audio track at the exact time, if that is what you want. In this plane, you have the option to check the timing of the project clips and modify it in case it is absolutely necessary.

  • The monitor , as it is a preview section, gives you the utility of viewing individual clips as well as, if desired, the breadth of a complete project. In the monitor, you will see it as it will appear once it has been published as a movie. Use each of the buttons and options below the monitor to reproduce and view each change, the same time you applied it, as you would see in a frame.

    Since you know all the features and tools of Movie Maker , it will be much more effective to use all its aspects and cover them in the visualization of the videos you edit.